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Name:Haruno Sakumo
Name: Haruno Sakumo
Canon: AU Naruto
Age: 16
Height: 5'4"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Pink
Description: Sakumo has gotten flack for most of his life about being girly, something he really tries not to be, but apparently pink hair plus cleanly equals feminine. Because of this, he learned to use his fists fairly young, even before the start of academy, because ignoring an older boy picking a fight only ever went so far. it was during one of these fights that he got picked up and taken to start at the Academy by a passing nin, much to the dismay of his parents, and it was discovered that while he was more fast than strong, he was intelligent and had an almost unheard of level of control for a boy.

At the very least it meant that once he was in the Academy there were other kids with odder things about them than some pink hair. Then again, part of his managing to ward off further fights might have had a large part to do with using Sasuke as a make shift shield. Not unlike Naruto tended to from what he could tell. He couldn't stand the badmouthing from that quarter though so he was often understandably... sharp with his rebukes to the blond's words. After all, he never doubted that Sasuke was aware of the reason he followed him around like he did. It wasn't because he liked him. No. Definitely not.

At least, so he'd convinced himself. And he would warn off Ino just to be helpful. Of course.

Still, though the three ended up on a team together in the end, things were even less certain than in canon. Sasuke left, but because he ambushed Sakumo and tied him to a tree instead of letting the boy even get a word out, it was far later that anyone even had a chance of pursuit, and by that point the rain had started.

He still managed to talk his way into being Tsunade's apprentice, but the woman was far harder on him. After all, he was a guy. He could take it, right?

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